Wine Country precaster presses concrete tank vs. oak barrel efficacy

A Petaluma, Calif. specialty precaster’s latest innovation sets a new threshold for making wine in concrete tanks. With a capacity of just over 1,000 gallons or 3,800 liters, the Sonoma Cast Stone SuperEgg is more than twice the size of any other such vessel, including the producer’s own top gun, the 476-gal. Egg. The SuperEgg will allow users to produce…

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CarbonBuilt, Master Builders advance low carbon mixes, products

A collaboration involving Los Angeles-based CarbonBuilt and MBCC Group’s Master Builders Solutions business will focus on formulating admixtures augmenting the former company’s low carbon concrete technology platform. The CarbonBuilt Reversa process uses carbon dioxide to optimize portland cement contents in mix designs and raise finished concrete performance. New admixtures developed with Master Builders Solutions could position CarbonBuilt to extend the…

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Balancing Act

A visit with 2021 NCMA Chairman Rocky Jenkins BY DON MARSH Rocky Jenkins’ career in manufactured concrete products was launched from a management trainee program in the house that Florida legend M.E. “Doc” Rinker built. That experience will serve Jenkins as the 2021 National Concrete Masonry Association Chairman.

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BeCo Concrete ‘bent’ on performance solution for IKEA landing


BeCo Concrete Products已完成近300件三级钢筋混凝土管道包装的生产和交付:1080英尺144英寸。直径为66英寸的合流式污水管段,包括16个弯管和1192英尺。直径的雨水管段,带有12个弯头和6个三通。该装置将把排水基础设施固定在IKEA St. Louis, a 380,000-sq.-ft., three-level store with 1,300 parking spaces.

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经济学家将建筑材料”联系起来的ward pricing to harsh winter

资料来源:Associated Builders & Contractors, Washington, D.C.

Through April, concrete products and iron & steel prices were up 3.4 percent and 3.2 percent year over year, while overall construction materials prices rose 1.5 percent against the first four months of 2013, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s mid-May Producer Price Index.

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纳布改善Markets Index expands to 30 metropolitan areas

资料来源:Rock Productsstaff

The number of improving housing markets continued to expand for a third consecutive month in November, rising from 23 to 30 on the latest National Association of Home Builders/First American Improving Markets Index. The list dropped two metropolitan areas and added nine new ones—Fort Collins, Colo.; Hinesville, Ga.; Davenport, Iowa; Monroe, La.; Lima, Ohio; Williamsport, Pa.; Corpus Christi and Tyler, Texas; and, Cheyenne, Wyo.

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国际的Precast ships first Canadian CarbonCast job


CarbonCast high performance insulated wall panels were erected for the first time in Canada at the new Cineplex Galaxy cinema in Chatham, Ontario, by International Precast Solutions, River Rouge, Mich.

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