TheNational Ready Mixed Concrete Association已评为2020年开发行业领袖计划的生产者和副会员公司的21个崛起的明星:主建造者解决方案'Mason Booth和Matthew Wilson;汇总行业的Jenay Brown,Dan Corneau和Matthew Riggi;泰坦美国的Marty麋鹿,Jr.和David Novitzki(S&W准备混合混凝土)和贾斯汀沃克(罗阿诺克水泥);Euclid Chemical的Jason Jimenez;欧文材料'Andrew Mercker,Tyler Stanley和凯尔诺伍德;矿石材料的Alireza Nili;Dickinson准备好混合的Ben Olin;美国混凝土的弗朗西斯弗朗西斯科洛纳和路易斯索托里瓦;海岸2海岸的狼服红麋鹿;卡波特兰的威廉·雷蒂斯; Bayou Concrete’s Leighton Reynolds; Preferred Materials’ Frank Russo-Alesi; and, Maschmeyer Concrete’s Michael Tucker.

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ABC and AGC have been among the most vocal “Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces” critics since President Obama added it to his expansive executive order roster in June 2014. Response to the Labor Department and Federal Acquisition Regulatory Council announcement of a最终规则implementing the order show neither group changing its tune.

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Construction interests challenge OSHA silica rule on multiple fronts

Sources:Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC),Associated General Contractors of America (AGC),American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA), 华盛顿特区。;国家石,沙砾和砾石协会, Alexandria, Va.; CP staff


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Contractors ramp up headcounts anticipating private, public market growth

Seventy-one percent of construction firms plan to expand their payrolls in 2016 as contractors expect increased activity in a range of public and private market segments, according to results of anAssociated General Contractors of AmericaSage Construction & Real Estatesurvey. Conducted as part of AGC’s “The Challenges Facing a Growing Industry: The 2016 Construction Industry Hiring and Business Outlook,” the survey indicates contractors foresee a positive year despite tight labor conditions, regulatory burdens, and information technology security challenges.

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A year of tempered market expectations, bigger multinationals, taller wood buildings

Three developments tracked since January stand out at year’s end: 1) overall concrete shipments did not pace projected level; 2) among global operators, the annual revenue bar for cement, aggregate and ready mixed concrete shipments is moving from the $10 billion–$15 billion to $15 billion–$20 billion range, with the top players deriving about 20–25 percent of sales in North America; and, 3) U.S. and Canadian wood interests’ multi-story building market pursuits are reverberating among ready mixed and manufactured-concrete producers.

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建筑支出水平进入fourth quarter at seven-year high

资源:Associated General Contractors of America, 华盛顿特区。


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Concrete trades near top in AGC survey tracking widespread labor shortages

Nearly 90 percent of 1,350-plus respondents to an industry-wideAssociated General Contractors of Americasurvey, conducted at peak season, report trouble finding qualified craft workers to fill key spots as construction demand continues to rebound in many markets. Seventy-nine percent of responding firms nationwide cite difficulty filling one or more of 21 hourly craft professional positions, particularly carpenters (73 percent of firms that employ carpenters report difficulty), followed by sheet metal installers (65 percent) and concrete workers (63 percent).

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